Our Alumni
We are proud of our Alumni who are excelling in their careers and making the Institute proud of their achievements. Alumni are working in various fields like Pharma Industry, Hospital and Retail Pharmacy, Marketing, Public Health Sector, Academics, Clinical Research, Insurance and other sectors. Many alumni pursue higher education up to Ph.D. level and some are settled in Universities in USA and other countries.

Wherever they are in the world, Alumni keep in touch with the faculty and the institute by way of personal visits, phone call, email, messages, social media etc

A] Consistent interaction of faculty with alumni students on various matters such as-

  • Job issues
  • Personal Matters
  • Professional Matters (Higher Education, Entrepreneurship issues)

B] Alumni always try to help institute by-

  • Sending educational materials ,some display material useful for the students
  • Sending material for Model Pharmacy.
  • Informing Job Vacancies at their work place for placement of current students
  • Guest Lectures for career guidance.

C] Alumni Get together on Annual Day is held each other and large no.of alumni attend this gathering

D] Distinguished Alumnus:
One of the highest honors given to an alumnus by the college, Alumnus of the Year recognizes an ex-student who has had a distinguished career, exhibits leadership, and has contributed significantly to the pharmacy profession/healthcare sector. This Award was started since year 2002.

Year Distinguished Alumnus Year Distinguished Alumnus
2019 Mr.Dhanashekhar Nadar 2010 Mr. Jagdish Patel
2018 Mr. Girish Mishra 2009 Mr. Vikram Ranavat
2017 Ms. Deepali Giri 2008 Mr. Vinod Gupta
2016 Mr. Hitesh Shah    
2015 Mr. Vinod Gupta 2006 Dr. Rakesh Chandrana
2014 Mr. Sunil Wathore 2005 Mr. Umesh Manglani
2013 Mr. Mahaev Patel 2004 Mr. Kashyap Pathak
2012 Mr. Ketan Naik 2003 Mr. Yogesh Caube
2011 Mrs. Nutan Pradhan 2002 Mr. Sachin Lokare

Nostalgia – Alumni writes….

Mr.Abhishek Rathi Batch: 2005-07

Currently working with Sun Pharma as a Manager, International Marketing - API.

It gives me immense pleasure to share my experience of studying at PKMKPP and it’s my privilege to do so. This is the institute from where my career took a U turn. Classroom learning were very effective. Conceptually, I'm far better than many of my colleagues which was due to the sound platform that was laid at this institute. Teachers gave a firm belief that I could do it and here I'm today, dedicating my current status to this institute without a second thought with humility. Learning was made easy and the way we were taught was just a delight. I still remember labs, classrooms, sports day, pharmacy shop, annual day, library etc everything about this institute was perfect. I can easily say, these two years have been most memorable for me and will cherish it for lifetime.

Ms Deepali K. Giri Batch: 1995-97
Working with World No 1 Reinsurer – Munich Responsible for Asia market risk management.
Now: 2017… 20 years later…
May 1997 when the train reached Ulhasnagar Station, first thing that strike was this place has a varied culture from Thane. I feel only proud to be associated with this humble institute which stands so quiet by creating stalwarts nationally and internationally. Our were the days were very urgent communication also had to wait for next day as none of my class mates, teachers and non-teaching staff was blessed with current privileges like mobile phones, WhatsApp, skype meets etc. So now relations that we cherish after 20 years is only because of true bonds built due to noble spirit and values of this esteemed institute. Our institute under the able leadership of our Principal Dr C. V Acchara and continued guidance of our dedicated teachers like Dr Manjiri, Dr Veena, Dr Anita, Mr Patil, Mr Kulkarni etc., had laid foundations which are today translated to successful careers in varied fields of Education, Health and Yoga, Community Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Retail and Wholesale Pharmacy, Clinical Research, Pharma Marketing, Reinsurance etc., in India and Internationally. 02 years – course duration is very short time span and it flies away very soon during the course between our practical’s, lectures, libraries and college event. Now when I sit back and recall all our giggles, tiffin, timelines for journal submission, group studies, exams, travels trust me only one song plays in my mind – “Those were the best days of my life by Bryan Adams – Summer of 69.

Wish you all peace and health in all your future endeavors, while you are reading this piece, please realize someone from you will soon write one in coming years so gather all the memories which will help you write a longer story than this one. Shubham Bhavatu.

Ms.Nazneen Shaikh Batch: 2010-12
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Department of Pharmaceutical Systems and Policy
West Virginia University, USA
Whenever I remember my days at KMKPP, I get a delightful feeling and a smile on my face. KMKPP is indeed an apt institution to study in and, a center for excellence. It has given me all that I had wished for, learning from erudite and dedicated professors, wonderful experience in the cultural events and, entertainment and fun in extra-curricular activities. Today when I look back, I remember everything I did and learned in those two years. Manjiri madam was my idol and will always be. I try to be like her, calm, poised and always so polite to each one of us. In fact, one thing that I could not see in my entire two years course was, Manjiri madam scolding a student. I remember everything, Achhra sir and the tune of his ringing phone, the strictness of Arun Patil sir and his kind heart, sweet Seema madam, dear Sunil sir and his informative lectures, Mavchi sir and his motivational speeches and of course, Hemant sir’s interesting lectures. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. It was just perfect to make my life happy, fulfilling and magical. Our professors rightly say that KMKPP is a not just a college but a family, it is true in every sense. There are times in your life when you just cannot describe your feelings in words, while writing this letter I am in the very same phase. I believe it will never be possible to pour out all my affection, fondness and emotions connected to KMKPP on a paper. To cut it short, my life at KMKPP was one of the best phase of my life that I will always cherish.

I want to say to all my current juniors that I’m so envious of all the things you have to look forward to in the next couple months. I wish I could trade places with you, so I can do college all over again!!

Dirven Hazari,
an alumnus at the age of 21, started a Facebook page – "Sindhionism". A page with the vision of connecting Sindhis through humour. His videos got circulated in families’ whats app groups and reached out to more than 180 countries through internet. Within one year he crossed more than 4 million views on You tube and his videos went into You tube trending list as well. You tube India awarded ‘Sindhionism’ among Top Next up creators of 2017. Later on Dirven made Web series called ‘Two Nights Three Days’, which received an overwhelming response by Sindhi community all over the globe. Watching ‘Sindhionism’ have become one of the favourite activities happening during family get together and Festivities. Watch Sindhionism videos on: YouTube/Sindhionism, Facebook/Sindhionism, and Connect with it

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