Medicine Literacy Initiatives


In an effort to improve the correct use of medicines in the society, Prin. K M Kundnani Pharmacy Polytechnic, Ulhasnagar has been conducting various consumer education activities since 2004. It includes: (a) Exhibition on Correct use of Medicines (b) Designing and distribution of ‘Patient information Leaflets’ (c) Lectures by Faculty at various public places (d) Lectures and Demonstrations by Students in Schools and Classes (e) Consumer Education Articles/Talks/Interviews in Media.

An exhibition on Medicine Awareness includes display of posters in Hindi and English, which deal with various aspects of medicine usage.Trained students explain the contents of posters and interact with the visitors. Some sample dosage forms (eg Inhalers, different types of tablets, liquid dosage forms etc) are displayed and students explain how to use it. Marathi and English Leaflets about Do’s and Dont’s about Medicine Usage developed by Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) are distributed to all visitors. Blood pressure and blood glucose screening is also done by the students. Queries of the visitors about certain medicines are satisfied by the faculty members. Consumers visit the exhibition and give excellent feedback and appreciate the innovative efforts.

The feedback facility for students and faculty is available on AICTE Web portal